Rochelle’s is a non-denominational, co-educational privately owned centre for Early Childhood Care and Education where children between the ages of two and a half and five years are nurtured and prepared for primary school. The main purpose of the centre was to create a caring and supportive environment in which a child could truly blossom as a learner and an individual. With this in mind, a parcel of land ear-marked for a Day-Care Centre was acquired at #5 Woodscent Drive in Palmiste, and the building for the centre commenced on May 20th 1994.


The name, ‘Rochelle’, French translation for ‘little rock’, was chosen for its symbolic meaning of a solid foundation, the centre’s motto. Having been constructed and equipped according to the specifications laid down by the Ministry of Education, the centre was officially registered on 25th April 1995. By the beginning of the second year, there were eighteen children registered, three of whom were part-time students. It was and continues to be the intention of management to keep limited enrollment to ensure individual supervision, having one qualified teacher to every eight children.


The centre comprises of two stories; both housing large open-plan school rooms which are fully air-conditioned. Boys and girls bathrooms are located on each floor. A fully equipped kitchen is on site, where the children prepare treats for each celebration. The enclosed back lawn, which overlooks the Palmiste Boulevard, is equipped with playground equipment.


Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children with constant supervision of the entrance by our staff as well as the installation of an emergency alarm system connected to a recognised security service with twenty-four hour patrol. Security cameras are also located around and within the school building.


Finally, the centre operates under loving, homely, comfortable, clean and safe conditions, so that the children feel happy and secure in their surroundings, while implementing the most modern methods of pre-primary education.

Granny Roz
Mrs. Rosalind Brash

Aunty Rachel
Mrs. Rachel De Silva

Aunty Sara
Miss Sara Brown

Aunty Danielle
Mrs. Danielle Brennan
Centre Supervisor & Teacher

Aunty Caroline
Mrs. Caroline Creteau
Assistant Centre Supervisor & Teacher

Aunty Cherisse
Miss Cherisse de Verteuil

Aunty Zakyah
Mrs. Zakyah Mohammed

Aunty Kristy
Mrs Kristy Mackie-Somai

Aunty Margret
Mrs Margret Weatherhead

Aunty Melissa
Miss Melissa Ramoutar

Aunty Marie
Miss Marie Alibocus
Assistant Teacher

Uncle Bruce
Mr. Bruce Ragoopath
Security & Maintenance